BE OPEN congratulates the first three winners of Design Your Climate Action: international competition for young creatives focused on the United Nations’ SDG#13

The First Prize of €5,000 goes to Darcy Rincón and Michelle Aljure, the students of Biodesign at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, for their Inspira System. This project aims to introduce and promote the cultivation of spirulina in low-income neighborhoods in Bogotá. The initiative targets combating malnutrition, creating new income opportunities, and enhancing environmental sustainability within vulnerable communities.

The Second Prize of €3,000 goes to Granny Mmantho Lesiamang and the Clauseph BioFuels startup in Botswana, for the Clean Cooking Project. Its focus is on designing, manufacturing and distributing low-cost, energy-efficient biomass stoves that can reduce biomass fuel consumption, lower the smoke inhalation and carbon emissions. The project also includes developing clean solid biomass fuel with wood derived from invasive bush trees, rampant across Botswana’s farmlands.

The Third Prize of €2,000 goes to Emilia Ziolek, a Product Design and Technology student from University of Limerick, Ireland, for the Tidal Energy Turbine Form Redesign with Biomimicry concept. It is the first step to a new design of bladeless turbines with hydrofoils. Their streamlined design reduces the impact on marine life by eliminating rotating blades and enhances efficiency in energy conversion. Emilia suggests that hydrofoils operate by harnessing lift generated from water flow, allowing them to capture energy with reduced drag and increased effectiveness.

The Founder’s Choice prize will soon be allocated by the Founder of BE OPEN Elena Baturina who will select the awardee out of 50 top entries.

The Public Vote prize winner will be decided upon by the majority of votes in an online open vote from the same. Please go to the Public Vote section of the competition website, go through the 50 shortlisted entries, and click on the heart next to the one you consider truly efficient in combating climate change and achieving bigger sustainability in our lives. The voting will last till June 23rd 2024. Let's all define the winner of the Public Vote prize of €2,000 together!

Design Your Climate Action is an international design competition, developed and held by BE OPEN and our partners. It is open to students, graduates and young professionals who specialise in the fields of art, design, architecture and engineering.

The competition aims to encourage creation of innovative solutions by younger creatives, for the more prosperous and sustainable future.

Its objective is to raise awareness about SDG#13 and the necessity of urgent action among the young and upcoming professionals, and contribute to its implementation through identifying, showcasing and promoting creative ideas that support global shift to sustainable and efficient future.

The participants are encouraged to reflect on “What can be done to combat climate change and its effects on all the levels of our lives: from introducing new national policies to adopting new technologies by industries and switching to greener practices at home?”


In concordance with the tasks and targets set by SDG#13, projects for the competition must relate to one of the following submission categories:

  1. Raising Resilience and Adaptation – develop technologies to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters.

  2. Energy of Change – offer solutions able to mitigate and reverse climate change caused by burning fossil fuels, promote ways of generating power that emit little to no greenhouse gases or pollutants.

  3. Solutions Offered by Nature – offer projects that involve conserving, restoring, or better managing ecosystems to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


BE OPEN will reward the best work with the following monetary prizes as well as with honorary mentions.

  • First prize — €5,000
  • Second prize — €3,000
  • Third prize — €2,000
  • BE OPEN Founder’s Choice prize — €3,000
  • Public Vote prize — €2,000


  • Open for submissions — October 1st, 2023
  • Deadline for submissions — February 29th, 2024
  • Announcement of winners — March to April 2024
  • Celebration of winners at Awards Ceremony — TBC

Please read more about the competition in ABOUT →